We recognize that success in the Channel is dependant on a mutual commitment between Broadvoice and our partners and that is what we celebrate at President's Club. We bring our families and invite our partners to do the same. We design our itineraries with simple intentions; disconnect, relax and have a good time. It is our business relationships that bring us together, but it is the friendships that create the long-lasting memories, and that is what it is all about.
Sam Ghahremanpour

Congratulations to This Year's Winners

Trip Details

Congratulations to all of our winners for this year's President's Club. Trip details and itineraries coming soon.

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Costa Rica is a five-star resort located at Peninsula Papagayo with luxury amenities including four pools, a spa, and seaside dining experiences. The resort offers excursions including hiking and zip lining all designed to show you the most breath-taking sights of Costa Rica. 

The Experience

Pura Vida is used in Costa Rica to say hello and to say goodbye, translated it means simple life. We build an itinerary that works for everyone with unique excursions, relaxation time and a chance to celebrate together surrounded by stunning views of Costa Rica.  You may arrive only knowing how to say Pura Vida, but you will leave knowing what it feels like to experience it.

Past Winners

Broadvoice hosted a trip that I will never forget.  The name of the resort was The One & Only, and it truly, truly is the One&Only. It was the best President’s Club journey that I have ever had!

-Vanessa Carter
Onview Communications

This year’s trip is beyond awesome, I have gone on a lot of trips, with a lot of nice resorts, but nothing like this. We will be working hard next year so we can go on this event again. We are motivated. 

- Pat Lawless

First class trips with first class people!  Love the Broadvoice team!

-Eric Beller
Sandler Partners

The thing that makes our partnership different than other is the people. It is the people at the top, and the whole culture permeates throughout the organization. They care about every aspect of the business, and that is what keeps us drawn to wanting to do more and more with Broadvoice.

-Steve Olsen
PSI Networks

Broadvoice brings their family, and everyone just feels like one big family and we love it.

-Alan Sandler
Sandler Partners

The best part of this trip has been the sunrise, and sunset and everything in-between that Broadvoice has put together to make sure we are relaxed and having a great time.

-Omar Caputo